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Collective Intelligence is first and foremost about enhancing experience

The only thing we love more than tech is using it to make your customers’ experiences more fulfilling.

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Carbon Colleagues

If it takes a village to raise a child what does it take to raise an AI?
Rockstars. Nerdy, obsessed rock stars.
David Ellis
CEO, Co-Founder
Jonathan Gibbs
CSO, Co-Founder
Derek Hyman
VP Customer Success
Coby Bush
VP Marketing
Adrian Lu
Head of Product Design
Akhil Tolani

The Neto Story

At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of tech folks who think buying should be fun, and making it fun to buy should be fun. We’re having fun and invite you to come along for the ride.

Awesomeness or bust!

First off, congratulations for making it this far down the page. We’re flattered you’re interested in us enough to spend time reading the most boring part of the site. Really, Ani is so much more interesting, but since you’re here, let’s cover the highlights, ya?

Neto was founded by a hardware technologist with a knack for organization, a sales phenom with a heart of gold, and an engineer who caught the AI vision years ago. Throw in a world-class developer, some creative talent, and battle hardened sales & customer success leadership and you have an AI startup that is going to take over the world. Or a great reality show.

We went with AI.

Neto is formed as Techneto.AI

April 2023

Purists will one day wow friends at parties with the factoid that Neto was founded as Techneto. By friends we mean acquaintances and by wow we mean mildly impress for 5 seconds. Okay 2 seconds.

Neto launches Ani - a collective intelligence

May 2023

Development is completed on an intent-based, proactive artificial intelligence built on top of layered LLMs. We call her ANI as an homage to our collective intelligence model (A^nI).

Neto partners with AI leaders who love Ani

June  2023

NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Amelia all dig our vibe and want to partner for world conquest. We relent and let them ride our coattails.

Neto launches V1 of its full EaaS offering

June  2023

Engagement as a Service wasn’t a thing until Neto came along. Now it is. At it’s heart is our engagement engine - Ani integrated into your telephony, CRM, compliance, security, social, Web, SMS, and calendaring.


To champion and model mutually rewarding relationships

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